Our Story

Our Founder

Interior designer Léa Farah graduated with honors, but she was not as passionate about interior design as she was about jewelry. Instead of designing the roof over our heads, she now designs the jewelry we wear on our heads. Her passion took her to London where she majored in Gemology and mastered the art of making people shine.
When she came back to her beloved home country, Lebanon, Léa took the step she had been waiting for – She founded Centimes Bourgeois.

Lea's diairy when she was 8 years old

How it all started..

“It all started 20 years ago when my Italian neighbour Lucia took me to the room in her house she calls “La stanza della creazione”, the creation room. There were all sorts of pearls, fabrics, lustrous stones, coloring pencils and a beautiful art tool box. The minute I stepped in, I knew I belonged there. I remember coming back home to my diary and writing “Je veux creer des choses qui brillent pour rendre les gens heureux” which translates to “I want to create sparkly things to make people happy” and that became my northern star. This was a defining moment for Centimes Bourgeois, it’s the day it was born in my heart. Fast forward to my last years at school where, for Mother’s day, I transformed my coin collection into rings with pictures of my classmates and their mothers. The batch of 42 rings I sold that year was my first business deal and I had no idea I was planting the seeds of what later became a destination for happy people to shine. This northern star was the anchor that kept my entrepreneurial boat from sinking on stormy days.”

-Lea Farah, Founder of CB

Headpieces that

Turn heads

Our mission

♡ To give our customers the ultimate experience and service to inspire moments of happiness and celebrations, and keep these memories alive ♡

♡ To empower our people by creating hand crafted luxury jewelry that contributes their personal style ♡

♡ To pay tribute to traditional hand craft, through modern designs ♡

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